Why there is no recycling symbol in most toys?

So to start our first post, have you ever looked at a toy and see if it has the recycling symbol? just out of curiosity? or because you do not know what else to do with yourself while the baby sleeps or the little one has temporarily let you breathe… Well, it is simple, just turn the toy around and check, most likely you will find nothing (other than where it was made, CE mark, copyright, and others). Some new toys do have the symbol and it is great, so as grown-ups we know they can be recycled, but it is the minority. Even then, many new toys do not indicate if they are recyclable despite the fact that recycling has been going on for a while, so the question is WHY THERE IS NO RECYCLING SYMBOL IN MOST TOYS?

So, if anyone has any ideas please let us know.

We would love if anyone from industry could share some light into this and if they plan to do something to help us keep our and our children’s planet clean.


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