The Circular Economy: Re-use/Repair/Recycle What to do with our waste?

How do we create awareness from the bottom-up about waste, recycling and the circular economy?

How can children can put into their own words what they understand by these concepts, thus internalising and bring into practice what they learn from the day?

The Circular Economy concept is becoming more widely used by businesses and in politics. Children are told to care for the environment, but is there anything else that they should learn about in order to care for the environment better? We think yes.

By bringing the concept of circular economy to children’s level and making children active participants of how they can contribute to saving the environment, we hope to help with their learning and hopefully have a better attitude towards recycling and to think about waste (starting by not throwing away their unwanted peas).

We have selected July 20th as it is the last weekend before the summer holidays. We believe that by giving children something to think about (before their summer break) they can start to put into practice whatever learning they get from the day into their daily lives.

So please share the word around and come and join us on July 20th, 11-2pm at Storey’s Field Centre, CB3 1AA.

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